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Tony’s Plumbing Co. is used by many professional companies to locate sewage lines and to find breaks in these sewer lines. We are now extending these services to our local residential customers.
Sewer locating services can be beneficial to you in more ways than one. If you know where the sewer pipes are when a repair occurs it is much easier to fix a leak or replace the lines. On the other hand if you don't have any idea where the pipes are then you have a couple different options. You can call Tony’s plumbing to locate the sewer line professionally or you can ask the city or county if they have any map that would help you locate the lines, but most of the time that method is inefficient.

Tony’s Plumbing Co. will come to your home or property and locate the sewer line for you 100% of the service is free. If you are planning on digging your sewer then this is definitely the way to go. We will bring the locating equipment to your site. Our RIDGID locators are a system of computerized based locators which have advanced digital signaling that will quickly and efficiently locate your underground sewer line. These systems are excellent in heavy traffic areas, drive ways, walk ways and so on. They are also water proof so there is no reason to worry about a rainy day.

The sewer locator is also equipped with a high resolution camera. With this advance feature you can actually see the inside of you sewer line in full color. The camera also allows for recording for a full report if required.

Tony's Plumbing Co in Santa Clara, CA Customer HomeWe operate with the SeeSnake® HQ PC Software

In addition to our locating equipment we run the high tech HQ software with our equipment. This Laptop Interface Monitors allow us to leverage the power and flexibility of a Laptop with our See Snake reels by using a Laptop as a monitor, Tony’s Plumbing Co. recording and monitoring options are as powerful as your PC. Digital recording, DVD burning, Wireless Transmission and Online Hosting are all possible with our Laptop Interface Monitor. This setup is the most powerful and flexible system on the market.

Tony’s Plumbing Co. a local Santa Clara Plumber also proviced a Mini-SeeSnake camera. This camera combines portability and rugged and is capable to inspect lines up to 200 feet. It is built tougher for unmatched durability, reliability and performance

You will be simply amazed should you choose this locating service.

Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied!

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