Mini Jetting Service

Tony’s plumbing provides the ultimate drain cleaning machine for residential kitchen lines. For example, take that kitchen drain stoppage. It’s usually caused by organic debris accumulating in a 2” galvanized steel drain pipe. The corrosion on the inside of this material creates the rough surface that facilitates adhesion of food products. Sending a cable down into the drain can only mechanically loosen an area equivalent to the diameter of the cable head or the circumference of the cable arc after bending a dogleg in the cable head. At best this can remove a substantial portion of the buildup, but some stoppages are so gooey they are like a jelly, and cabling such has no effect.

Rather than deploying cable machines for soft stoppages or those based upon organic debris, hydro jetting can be a remarkably superior means of removing soft debris to the point where using the term “cleaning” may be a legally safe term

  • Removes years of debris that buildup in the drains
  • Blasts your lines clean so they run like new
  • Is safe for all types of plumbing
  • Is backed by extended warranty

  • Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied!

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